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Eaton 4 The Birds Repellent Gel 300g

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(93%) Transparent sticky non toxic gel which prevents birds from roosting.

The transparent gel is ideal to repel birds from structural areas such as: sills, ledges, roofs and parapets, roof mounted equipment such as air intakes and air conditioners: as well as firewalls, rafters, joists, light fixtures and signs.

  • Apply to clean dry surfaces.
  • Each cartridge is enough to lay a strip approximately 3 meters long.
  • Can be safely used on house roofs where water is drawn for human consumption.
  • Can be removed using mineral spirits JT Eaton 4 The Birds is a transparent and sticky bird repellent that will remain tacky at -9°C and not run at temperatures up to 93°C .

Do not apply on locations where desirable species of birds might become entangled in the repellent. Application via a standard mastic/caulking gun.