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Bird Free Cartridge 250g

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Bird Free, a patented bird deterrent also known as 'fire gel' or 'optical gel' has become widely recognized as an effective, yet unobtrusive, bird control method. Bird Free gel is applied in low-profile application dishes, only 8mm high. One of its distinct advantages is that it deters birds from landing even when these dishes are placed behind the leading edge of a parapet or ledge. This makes the dishes invisible from ground level, thus preserving the aesthetic appearance of the building, while at the same time keeping it clean.

Bird free can last up to 6 months if left undisturbed and installed correctly on building’s or structures, it can last up to three months in orchards depending on environmental conditions.

Bird Free has long lasting efficacy with no damage to buildings and facilities. Oriental Herbal products contained in the gel form a film that prevents water from penetrating or evaporation from the ingredients.

Bird Free stimulates & irritates four senses:

  • Eye-sight by faking fire
  • Smell by odour
  • Taste causing a vomiting taste
  • Touch, a tacky substance when contacted by birds Optional
  • need dishes as well (sold separately)