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Made in New Zealand

Contains 28g/litre pyrethrum as an Oil in water emulsion

ZetaPY is based on naturally produced pyrethrum and is a natural, quick acting contact action broad spectrum insecticide that can be applied close to harvest. ZetaPY will control sucking and chewing insects that damage fruit, vegetable or ornamentals crops. Good coverage is essential for a high level of control as the active is a contact insecticide. Rapid breakdown of the product following application means there is little or no residue left, so crops can be treated for control of passion vine hopper, aphids or greenhouse thrips close to harvest. The short withholding period gives the grower greater flexibility in controlling crop infestations.


  • Rapid knockdown
  • Controls chewing and sucking insects such as greenhouse thrips, NZ flower thrips, passion vine hoppers, aphids, earwigs, pear slug, etc
  • MPI approved Type A (all animal except Dairy)
  • AsureQuality Approved Category A (Dairy)
  • ZetaPY can also be used as a thermal fogging agent for industrial and urban pest control to exterminate flying and crawling insects.

Pack Sizes: 1L, 5L