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Delicia® SLUGGOFF® Lentils 8kg

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Contains Metaldehyde 30g/kg

Delicia Sluggoff Lentils have been specifically developed to help in the fight against all active stages of the snail and slug lifestyle cycle including juveniles. The active ingredient metaldehyde works on the mucous secretion to cause dessication but also immobilises snails and slugs through effects on the nervous system.

The importance of shape:

The unique patented extrusion process has for the first time resulted in a product that is designed with slugs and snails in mind. Rapid uptake ensures maximum efficacy and therefore maximum crop protection.

Other unique features of the Delicia SLUGGOFF Lentils are:

  • The patented extrusion process produces lentils free from dust
  • Slim “Biting Edge” allowing easy consumption for even the smallest juvenile
  • Resistant to rain and mould for up to 4 weeks
  • The micronized and homogenous distribution of the 3% active ingredient inside the bait matrix means that Delicia SLUGGOFF lentils achieves better performance whilst using 40% less active per hectare when compared to other baits containing 5% active
  • Made from the highest quality wheat flour to give excellent palatability ensuring high uptake, with only 3Kg/ha applied in broadacre crops or 6kg/ha in horticultural crops the exclusive and patented lentil form ensures an application density of 30 to 60 lentils per m²

Pack Sizes: 300g, 8kg