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Perk Supa 15 Litre

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Contains 600g/l phosphorous acid, present as mono and di potassium phosphonate.

PerK SUPA: 0-23-38 is a proprietary liquid fertiliser, intended as a supplement to a basal fertilizer programme and will not by itself provide all the nutrients normally required by plants.

PerK SUPA: stimulates plant health, crop weight and root development. Increases production of the natural fungicides (phytoalexins) effectively providing organic disease control in fruit trees, grapes, vegetables, some field crops, berry fruits, turf and ornamentals.

PerK SUPA: contains rapidly available potassium (38%K) which is essential to all life. Potassium encourages root growth and helps plants resist disease by strengthening natural resistance mechanisms. Potassium is also involved in the opening and closing of leaf stomata, controlling the flow of water in the plant and improving resistance to drought. By helping plant cells maintain their turgidity, potassium increases plant tissue strength reducing breaks and tears that become entry points for pathogens. Potassium can serve as a catalyst within the plant enzyme system and is essential for both the translocation of sugars and for starch formation.

PerK SUPA: phosphorous (23%P) is slowly released as phosphate by oxidation of parent compound and has effects lasting over many months. Phosphates are essential for all life and are involved in biochemical energy transfer reactions of metabolism and photosynthesis. Phosphates are part of complex lipids, which strengthen cell walls. PerK SUPA: is readily absorbed into plants through leaves, green trunks and roots and is highly mobile within the plant in both xylem and phloem. This means the active ions are transported throughout the plant, even from older leaves and wood into new growth. Spring treatments result in greatest effects in leaves and fruit. Autumn treatments result in greatest effects in roots and tubers. PerK SUPA: is a non-poisonous and non-corrosive liquid with very low toxicity to plant and animals. In common with other N-P-K fertilizers, there is no withholding period. PerK SUPA: has been field tested in New Zealand on apples and many other crops over several seasons, without adverse effects on fruit finish when used as suggested.

Multiple applications of a low dose may give greater crop yields than a single application of high dose.

Pack Sizes: 15L, 200L, 1000L