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We Are Dedicated to Research & Development

At Key Industries we believe that continually improving and developing products is critical and we dedicate a significant portion of our budget to our Research and Development programme.



Innovative new products with a unique market fit are constantly being developed for horticulture, agriculture, process cropping, urban and industrial pest management. We have developed numerous registered agrichemicals, including several biological control agents (BCA’s), specifically designed to suit New Zealand’s environmental conditions and market requirements.

Research continues to lead to improved formulas. Some products such as our adjuvant range and foam markers minimise chemical spray losses and wastage when applying and reduce the need to re-apply agrichemicals as they seal in the active ingredient. Other formulations are higher concentration which means fewer applications and less environmental impact due to repeated applications. Other products maximise the effectiveness of pest control or ag-hort products simply by ensuring that they mix well in the spray tank.

Our research on pesticide effectiveness and pest life cycles have led to the development of highly effective Integrated Pest Management Programmes offered through our consultancy services. IPMs can save money on spray applications and protect valuable harvests using a range of strategies from the correct use of adjuvants, through to ensuring application is done at exactly the right time of day or crop development stage.

Key has led the way with timely responses to various threats to New Zealand’s valuable horticultural and agricultural crops, developing products to combat new pests and diseases.

See some current data and projects below: