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Products designed specifically for New Zealand

Renovo Technologies was started by Mark Linton, a chemist who previously worked for well-known New Zealand companies in pesticides, paints and dairy. With his in-depth understanding of New Zealand’s unique environment, Mark could see the limitations of global products that had been engineered for overseas conditions.

Seeing a gap in the market, Mark and two other partners established Renovo Technologies, a company created to design and manufacture bespoke pest-control products for smaller New Zealand markets.

With Renovo’s tailored insecticides marketed and sold by Key Industries, they quickly became the products of choice by professional pest controllers and many Ag/Hort customers in New Zealand.

Renovo Technologies continues to play a leading role in R&D in the professional pest control and Ag/Hort industries in New Zealand and is currently exploring natural solutions to a variety of pest problems.

Lifetime Guarantee

Renovo Technologies’ products are made to the highest industry standards and come with a lifetime guarantee. In the unlikely event that a formulation breaks down before its use-by-date, Renovo will replace the entire container, regardless of how much product has been used up by the spray technician.

Renovo products are also sold in overseas markets such as Australia.


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