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Pindone is an anticoagulant bait lethal to rabbits.

While deadly to rabbits, Pindone Rabbit Bait is less hazardous to non-target species as a great deal of Pindone would need to be consumed for them to suffer poisonous effects.

This is because Pindone Rabbit Bait is considered a first generation anticoagulant. Rather than having a lethal dose in a single ingestion, Pindone requires multiple ingestions over consecutive days to accumulate a lethal dose.

Pindone Rabbit Bait is a safer bait option that reduces the danger to domestic pets, whilst maintaining lethality to rabbits, who are highly likely to munch down on baited pellets or carrots over several days.

Pindone Rabbit Bait reduces the clotting power of blood causing internal haemorrhaging. Although rabbits will take several days and several consumptions to reach a lethal dose, once reached, the rabbit’s death is swift and painless. Most of the time the rabbits’ death occurs in the burrow,
meaning clean up is not required and the risk of secondary poisoning to non-target species, such as dogs, is low.

In the unlikely event that a pet manages to consume a significant volume of Pindone Rabbit Bait, their gums will become very pink to signify their exposure. A visit to the vet for a Vitamin K injection will have them on their way in no time.

For more information on application a useful site to visit is https://rabbitwatch.org.nz/