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Nuisance birds are no longer a problem with EcoBird

EcoBird 4.0 ~ 40% MA (Methyl Anthranilate)
Use undiluted via thermal fogging, misting, hazing and vapour diffusers. EcoBird4.0 has the highest concentration of MA available and provides superior efficacy and longevity. Hazing outdoors has proven to be very effective in outdoor cropping, landfill and refuse centre applications as well as warehouses, carpark sand supermarket entrance ways.

EcoBird 14.5~ 14.5% MA (Methyl Anthranilate)
Mix with water at ratio of 1:10 or 1:20 ( 50ml – 100ml per litre water). For spraying turf, shrubs, trees, crops and painted surfaces after cleaning. After an evaporative curing time of approximately 1 hour EcoBird 14.5 is active and works in two ways – both as a scent and taste repellent. Applied with RainGard, EcoBird14.5 becomes more resistant to rain after application, eliminating the need for constant weekly re spraying.

EcoBird 4.0 and 14.5 are unique eco-friendly bird control products that form the basis of an IPM, (Integrated Pest Management)Programme for Bird Control. They are cost effective and efficient when used through the correct delivery systems for the appropriate exclusion requirements.

Hazer Outdoor Diffuser

Key Industries diffuser trial getting great results

We have been getting great results and data from trials of our new Diffuser and EcoBird 4.0 at various locations and environments around NZ.

It has been used in both semi enclosed and enclosed environments. Currently these are pack houses, warehouses, cafés and garages.

The effects are assessed by counting the bird pressure before the start of application and then recounting after two weeks activity and then again after four weeks. Use rate for intensive initial application is around 50mls /week. This reduces as the time between bursts of applications is extended. Birds become sensitised to the under two micron sized particles and become shy. The treated environment becomes an undesirable place to nest or roost and birds will become conditioned to be uncomfortable when the Ecobird is released into the air.The photo opposite is a Difusser currently in operation in a Pipfruit pack house. After four weeks no birds have been seen roosting in the treated area.