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About Key Industries

Key Industries are dedicated to 'Protecting people, crops and native species' by providing agrichemicals and pest control products that have been proven to work in New Zealand. We focus on human safety, and minimising environmental impact, through the use of high efficacy products and smart application strategies. We provide a broad range of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, foliar nutrients and adjuvants for agricultural and horticultural customers as well as a full range of urban and industrial pest control products for pest control companies nationwide.



A lifetime guarantee

Our professional chemical formulations made for us by Renovo Technologies in New Zealand have a product lifetime guarantee.
We are so confident of the high manufacturing standard at Renovo that if the product formulation breaks down before its use-by-date, Renovo will replace the entire container - no matter how much has been used up by the spray technician.

Tested & Proven in New Zealand

Key Industries allocate valuable time and resources to thoroughly test each product we develop or exclusively source from other suppliers to ensure they work effectively in New Zealand conditions.
We are driven to ensure that New Zealand producers always get a high quality product that performs effectively in our unique environment.


BioGro Approved, Natural, and Non-Toxic

Key Industries has a strong focus on developing and providing BioGro approved natural products suited to the New Zealand environment.
We offer a variety of natural products for both the ag-hort and pest control markets. We continue to build on our extensive knowledge of organic chemistry as we develop new products to meet the increasing demand for natural, non-toxic options.

Better for your pocket and better for New Zealand

Key Industries work to save you money and to protect our environment, by providing high quality products such as our adjuvant range. These can minimise chemical spray losses and wastage when applied and reduce the need to re-apply agrichemicals as they seal in the active ingredient. Some formulations are made in high concentrations which means fewer applications and less environmental impact due to repeated applications. Other products maximise the effectiveness of pest control or ag-hort products simply by ensuring that they mix well in the spray tank.
We are always keen to provide training on our products and often assist customers by developing Integrated Pest Management Programmes through our consultancy services. IPM services can save money on spray applications and protect valuable crops using a range of strategies, from the correct use of adjuvants, using non-chemical tactics and ensuring application is done at exactly the right time of day or crop development stage.
As well as promoting strategies to reduce the amount of chemicals that enter the environment, native biodiversity is a priority at Key Industries. Many of our products are very effective in the control of invasive exotic species such as wasps, Argentine ants, Darwin ants, possums and so on, which threaten our native flora and fauna.

We believe in Research and Development

With an ongoing commitment to Research and Development, Key Industries invest heavily in developing new products to meet the emerging needs of Kiwi growers. Read more about how important this is to our business and why it benefits our customers.

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100% New Zealand Owned

Founded in 1987 and purchased by Frank and Celia Visser in 2000, Key Industries Ltd are proud to be a fully New Zealand owned agrichemical and pest control company.

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Member of the Pest Management Association of NZ

Key Industries area a member of PMANZ, an organisation that represents professional urban and industrial pest managers in New Zealand.

Key Industries Supports Agrecovery

Agrecovery is a nationwide rural recycling programme for the recovery of agrichemical plastic containers.
In New Zealand we currently dispose of an estimated 10 million 20-litre equivalent plastic agrichemical containers every year. Farmers and growers, national and international government, customers and buyers are all increasingly looking for more sustainable disposal solutions than burning, burying or dumping.

Agrecovery is needed because:

  • Farmers and growers are looking for practical, environmentally acceptable ways to manage farm wastes.
  • International buyers are demanding more sustainable business practices with compliance programmes such as EUREPGAP.
  • We need to ensure that New Zealand is working towards an international best practice and taking responsibility for its ‘on farm’ packaging waste.
  • New Zealand's environmental performance is being scrutinised by our global markets.

More information is available at the Agrecovery website or call 0800 247 326.

Key Industries is a founding Brand Member of Agrecovery due to our commitment and long relationship with Agrecovery. 

Conservation – Protecting Native Species

Key Industries products are used extensively by Conservation groups, Wildlife Sanctuaries, the NZ Department of Conservation and Regional Council Biosecurity Teams.
For three years we have been involved in an Argentine eradication programme on Kawau Island in the Hauraki Gulf. Managing Director Frank Visser is an Ambassador for the Endangered Species Foundation and Key Industries is assisting the Fairy Tern Restoration project on Northern breeding grounds.



Partner of A Lighter Touch

Key Industries is dedicated to 'Protecting people, crops and native species' by providing crop protection and pest control products that have been proven to work in New Zealand. Our focus on minimising environmental impact aligns with the vision of A Lighter Touch, in supporting plant-based producers to make the shift to growing food with a lighter environmental touch.